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Over the years we have exhibited cattle at the Francistown and Gaborone National show with some fantastic successes. At the Francistown show we have exhibited 10 Champions and 7 Grand Champions and at the Gaborone National Trade Fair we have exhibited 19 Champions and 7 Grand Champions.

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Wayside Mr. Hercules WB 98271
Hot Chocolate
Wayside Mr. Sugarata Manso WBS 03155

Wayside Ms. Millennium WB 01400
Wayside Ms. Elliot WBS 05242

Wayside Mr. Prince WB 95145
Wayside Mr. Oneway Manso WBS 05210

Wayside Mr. Cappuccino WB 05493
Royal Salute
Wayside Mr. Dice WBS 0180

Wayside Mr. Rojo WB 06535
Wayside Mr. Elliot Manso WBS 05217

Wayside Mr. Samsung 01404
Wayside Ms. Princess WB 97224

Mr. Highway Manso WBS 07265